New CD! Damien Boggs: The Pointless Love EP!

Damien Boggs Pointless Love
Damien Boggs Pointless Love
Damien Boggs carved a niche of music for himself
(and Columbia, TN) from the influence he had from
his mother and several other musicians who
inspired him. Besides the family relation, Bogg's
was inspired in the course of his career by "Grand
Ole's" like Nina Simone, Van Morrison, Otis
Redding, Nathaniel Rateliff, BB King, Woody
Guthrie, Odetta, Radiohead, Joni Mitchell, Brandi
Carlile and Joan Baez. With his new 7-song project,
"The Pointless Love EP", Damien hopes to share his
unique style of music and the passion which it
expresses. WKOM Radio 101.7 FM wishes him the
best with his new CD!
The passion for music, ignited by his mother, has been the drive for Damien Boggs career. In his early twenties,
Damien learned how to play instruments and write songs. At first, it was to get over the loss of a friend,
however, he created with these experiences a unique niche and has expressed his passions for "true Life" in
songs ever since. According to Damien, the seven songs in The Pointless Love EP tell stories, some of which are
personal. Throughout his musical career, Damien Boggs have been part of bands as-well performing solo as an
artist. "The Apartment 13" Sessions and "From The Living Room" are other albums of Damien. He teamed up
with Joey Cox to record The Apartment 13 Sessions.
Local Music, which is Tennessee based, is very important to us at WKOM Radio 101.7 FM, and Damien's
unique style and type of music has ever since been appealing to WKOM Radio. Raised in southeastern
Louisiana, Damien Boggs' musical career started off in Baton Rouge where he first performed and wrote music.
He later moved to Nashville to develop his musical interests. The Apartment 13 Sessions was recorded during
his time in Nashville. From thereon, Damien moved to Columbia, Tennessee where he lives.

Damien Boggs currently performs with his band, The Proper Villains; and he also performs as a solo artist.
As part of the release activities of this project, Damien threw a musical party on the 10 of March 2018 at CITIES!
Columbia, with himself and his band performing the seven songs on the album. Other artists such as Cults &
Criminals, Josh Preston and Meredith Joi also performed during the CD launch that evening. Damien Bogs has
promised his fans that The Pointless Love EP will be worth the love and support they have given him over time,
and we at WKOM Radio 101.7 FM are proud to work with him and hopefully even more in the future!
If you want to know more about Damien visit his Facebook page here: Damien Boggs Facebook or you can visit
Columbia, TN and see Damien Boggs or other great local Tennessee Musicians Live at CITIES! Columbia and
have a great Night out with Food, Drinks & Live Music! WKOM Radio 101.7 FM plays Damien 24/7 on and the FM or AM radio.
Damien Boggs
Damien Boggs




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