The Wentzel Brothers Band launches their NEW Album

"In The Shadow Of The Mountain"

The Wentzel Brothers performing at  CITIES! in Columbia Tennessee
The Wentzel Brothers performing at
CITIES! in Columbia Tennessee
Age doesn't matter is a New Phenomenon, particular popular since it became a new normal in online dating. Well, we have something better: Age doesn't matter if it comes to great Southern Rock either.
The Wentzel Brothers Band have just proofed with their NEW CD; In The Shadow Of The Mountain, that young guns from Chapel Hill in Middle Tennessee could be very well the new Lynyrd Skynyrd or ZZ-Top. Even so a comparison doesn't draw a conclusion because the sound is as familiar as unique. With just of the age's of 16-20 years old, The Wentzel Brothers Band is a living and singing proof of "Age Doesn't Matter"! With phenomenal song of 69 Chevelle till the more Rock Country hidden song "Bull Frog" it's almost all very to very very good!
Knowing and contributing to their unique sound is the fact that some of the band members just started to play their instruments only 2 years ago. How amazing on top of the maturity of the music?! Even more, and on top of all before: They have ranked up an already even impressive following while playing their gigs from Nashville to Columbia and from Centerville to Murfreesboro.

Having great critique from Music websites in Australia and Music magazines in the UK, nothing seems to stop them from conquering the world of Rock Music. While their age is young, their sound is opposite.
Of-course the way to stardom and fame is long and sometimes (most of the times?) harsh and brutal, the work ethic from this Middle Tennessee Rock Band is above any thinkable standard or comparison. Working day-to-day jobs, going to school: They practice every facet of a professional band 6 days a week, month in month out! Congratulations for the Wentzel Brothers Band with so much rewards in such a short time! I hope they keep it together, keep working hard and the rest will be discovered pretty soon!
The Wentzel Brothers Band new CD "In The Shadow Of The Mountain" is for sale on the website of


  1. I did a search on the topic and found most people will agree with your blog. Thanks

    1. Thank you Rinku! We also love The Wentzel Brothers Band in Middle Tennessee!


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